Huhtasuon Kylätoimisto follows current Covid-19 restrictions and recommendations set by Finnish government. The most up to date information about our opening times and activity can be found on our Facebook-page.


Huhtasuon kylätoimisto is a community meeting place that welcomes everyone. We strive to be a place for you to meet and connect with other people, be heard and be welcomed into participating in civic and group activities. Examples of our activities include bingo, knitting, arts and crafts. All activities and groups are free to participate and do not have any entrance fees. More in-depth information about our current activities, trips and plans is our monthly programming. 


We can help you with the use of digital devices (smartphones, tablets) and online services, such as online banking or sending attachments to government agencies. We offer affordable printing services, in black and white or colour, and free document scanning. We have free access to computers and the internet for visitors.


We sell coffee/tea and coffee cake for a modest price of 1€, and while you sit down to have a cup, you can read today’s newspaper (Keskisuomalainen) for free. Kylätoimisto also has a bookshelf filled with free-to-take books, magazines, DVDs and knick-knacks to take home with you. You can also donate items from your home if you’d like, we accept non-electronic devices, books and magazines.


Huhtasuon Kylätoimisto is maintained by Huhtasuon ASA ry, which is formed of five local organisations. The member organisations of Huhtasuon ASA ry are Huhtasuon Asukasyhdistys, Jyvälän Setlementti Jyväskylän Romaninuoret, Sulun Kiinteistönhoito and Huhtasuon ASA ry is a financially independent organisation.